GPS monitoring system

Take the opportunity to enhance the management of your fleet and ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency on the roads. Trust in our proven GPS monitoring system and give a boost to the development of your business!
Accurate Real-Time Tracking:

Our GPS monitoring system provides continuous and precise localization of your vehicles anywhere in the world. Don't miss a single detail of your route.

Efficient Fleet Management:

Optimize the use of your vehicles by reducing downtime and unnecessary movements. Instantly access information about fuel consumption, speed, and travel time.

Road Safety:

Maintain control over the safety of your drivers and cargo. Our system alerts you about potential violations and provides notifications about the status of your vehicles.

Data Analysis:

Receive detailed reports and analytics about routes, stops, speed, and much more. This knowledge will help you reduce expenses and increase operational efficiency.

Monitoring system capabilities:

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Subscription fee

1 800₸/monthly

Installation work

from 3 500₸

Device selling

from 14 800₸

By the way!

You can also join us with your own devices.